International Association of Healing Professionals (IAHP)

The premier trade association for those involved in any and all aspects of Natural Healing, human potential, Life and Specialized Coaching and alternative and complementary medicine.


Why a Career as a Healing Professional

Natural healing and alternative and complementary medicine are among the fastest growing economic segments of our society. The media is filled with pharmaceutical solutions for every conceivable illness and associated side effects for most of these drugs. Every day there is another study, newspaper article, or television report about nutrition, weight loss, herbs, bodywork, stress- management and body-mind issues. Health and healing is an ever-changing field of study, and any healing professional must have a well-grounded foundation in the holistic model to be truly effective. With so many different theories, ideas, and positions on the best approaches to health and healing, even among the experts, it is not difficult to understand why there is so much confusion about the best course of action to take when a person becomes ill.

More than ever, well trained, multi-skilled wellness practitioners are more in demand than ever before. Clearly the economic potential and career opportunities are expanding at a faster pace than ever before.

There has never been a better time to become a healing professional.


IAHP’s Mission:

  1. To bring healers from all nations together and create networks that will elevate the business of healing.
  2. To lead the way in developing a global village for the healing industry where healers of every level and specialty will raise their level of skill and knowledge.
  3. To champion the healing industry as a credible profession through ethical standards, certification, continuing education, professional publications, and public education.
  4. To provide programs for the approval of continuing education offerings, seminars, events, including, but not limited to, self-study programs, university and college based courses, etc, that meet the requirements of a quality education.
  5. To offer natural healing based providers of professional continuing education a mechanism to provide defined healthcare professionals with a professional organization that offers “certification” in specialty practice
  6. To verify to the natural healing and human potential market the attainment of professional certification, as a testimony to the skill, and knowledge and within professional practices


Professional Certification
Certification is a means of verifying standards of excellence. The US government does not monitor the quality of US colleges and universities, as does the ministry of education in other countries. Instead, the US Department of Education approves accrediting agencies. These accrediting agencies review a school’s educational program for quality, and certify that the school meets a minimal set of standards. Sadly none of these accrediting agencies recognize or pay any attention to fully integrated, natural healing or human potential training programs. It was for this reason that the International Association of Healing Professionals established its Certification Programs.


How To Become Certified
The IAHP offers an entry-level weekend training for those who would like to become a Certified Healing Professional (CHP). This weekend training includes basic certification and membership. Each certification weekend takes place on Saturday and Sunday and includes nutrition, botanical medicine (herbology), aromatherapy, massage, energetic bodywork, coaching/counseling, basic business building skills and more.



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